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The return or exchange of a purchased item is free of charge. However, the item must be received within 14 days. Exchanging or returning an item is possible only if the product was purchased online and the conditions below have been satisfied:

If all the original documents (certificates, warranties, etc.) and the original purchase receipt are available, the item is authentic and is in new condition, packed in the original (brand) box and the item shows no signs of wear and/or damage.

If the item is found undamaged by a Certici specialist, and the other conditions listed have been fulfilled, then the customer will be contacted to confirm that we have accepted the exchange/return. In that case the purchase amount will be refunded to the customer/the item may be exchanged.
If the item is damaged and/or inauthentic and/or does not have all the aforementioned authentic papers and documents, it cannot be accepted for exchange/return and the customer will be notified (where applicable also in writing by email), giving all the reasons. In this case the purchased item remains as the customer's possession. Refunds: If the product is received at our return address in good condition, your money will be refunded within 28 days.

Certici shall reimburse all payments the consumer has made, including any delivery costs charged by Certici for the returned product, immediately but within 14 days following the day on which the consumer gives notification of the revocation (time of dissolution). The repayment is free of charge for the consumer.

If the shipping is not within the Netherlands but internationally, Certici doesn't cover the additional shipping cost. For non-European countries Certici first offers the price including vat, once the costumer has received the article, Certici refunds the Dutch vat. Vat of a non-European country and import cost are to pay by the customer.

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